24. 07. 2016

One thing: Over, but not out

24 July 2016|Blog|

Dear all, Today's daily nudge was the last one of its kind. After nearly two years and over 500 nudges, I have decided that it's time for me to rest, divert my energy to the more personal and immediate challenge of dealing with and healing from breast cancer and ultimately, to hand over the task [...]

24. 07. 2016

Nudge yourself.

24 July 2016|Nudge, Permission, Play, Self|

What do you need to tell yourself, or remind yourself or give permission to yourself to do? Be your own best friend. Go ahead and do it. Regularly. Make notes, write yourself letters, have conversations with yourself. But whatever you do, nudge yourself. Over and out.

23. 07. 2016

Do a brave thing.

23 July 2016|Bravery, Challenge, Nudge|

Shooing a spider outside, touching cotton wool, wrestling a croc, eating a vindaloo. Whatever's brave in your book. Take a deep breath, trust yourself, go!

22. 07. 2016

Plan your Olympics Opening Ceremony party.

22 July 2016|Nudge, Play|

Hint: It's at midnight UK time, Friday 5 August.

21. 07. 2016

Trust your intuition.

21 July 2016|Clarity, Curiosity, Nudge, Self|

20. 07. 2016

Write a note of encouragement to yourself. Stash it in a jacket pocket to find later.

20 July 2016|Nudge, Self, Success|

19. 07. 2016

Salute the sun!

19 July 2016|Elements, Gratitude, Nudge|

18. 07. 2016

Invite someone to share a meal with you.

18 July 2016|Challenge, Generosity, Gratitude, Nudge|

16. 07. 2016

Find a good tree and hang out with it for a bit.

16 July 2016|Elements, Nudge, Permission|

Hint: pretty much any tree is a good tree.

15. 07. 2016

Get your kitsch on.

15 July 2016|Expression, Nudge, Play|

Drink this! Read this! (spoiler alert: gnomes and sad news) Eat this!