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One thing: Over, but not out

24 July 2016|0 Comments

Dear all, Today's daily nudge was the last one of its kind. After nearly two years and over 500 nudges, I have decided that it's time for me to rest, divert my energy to the [...]

One thing: Patience

15 May 2016|0 Comments

Some of you might be wondering what happened to your daily nudges this week. I'm sorry not to have explained the brief hiatus before now. The truth is, a week ago I was diagnosed with cancer [...]

One Thing: Completeness

14 February 2016|0 Comments

Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire, when Jerry declares his love for Dorothy? "You complete me," he declares. That scene is beloved my many, but I've always struggled with it. Why? It's the idea that someone else [...]

One Thing: Noticing

7 February 2016|0 Comments

We’re probably all aware of that boiling frog analogy. The one that says if slowly boil a frog (gross), the frog is mainly screwed because it kind of doesn’t notice—the normality of its environment is [...]

One thing: Tidying

24 January 2016|0 Comments

2016: the year we all gleefully arranged our sock drawers like bento boxes, then sat back, waiting for life to get better. Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying has become an international bestseller, inspiring [...]

OneThing: Starting

18 January 2016|0 Comments

How lucky are we to have a guest post from life coach Liz Goodchild? If you need a bit of fire in your belly, look no further. You know that thing you want so much [...]

One thing: Decisions

10 January 2016|0 Comments

We make billions of decisions in a lifetime, from the seemingly insignificant (which sandwich? coat or not?) to the monumental (getting married, taking that job, buying that house). It follows that we probably spend a good chunk [...]

Newsflash: I’ve changed my mind

31 December 2015|0 Comments

Look, I'm not sure how to say this. But let's try the following: Last month, I announced that Only Do One Thing's daily nudges will cease as of, well, today, while I work on the [...]

Two Things: An Announcement and a Treat

30 November 2015|0 Comments

This month, Only Do One Thing turned one year old. It's been quite the ride. What started as a personal writing project has become a gradually life-changing force that encouraged me to commit, to listen, to think differently [...]

One thing: Resilience (Or, How To Be An Ordinary Human Superhero)

4 October 2015|0 Comments

When it comes to life skills, resilience is up there with being able to cook a meal from an out-of-date packet of chow mein noodles and two overripe bananas. It's actually a superpower. But—unlike the [...]

Guest post: Rockpools and happiness

30 August 2015|0 Comments

Only Do One Thing's August has been all about 'play'. As we near the end of the month, this guest post from @Thunderflask sums up all that is important about letting loose and enjoying simple and [...]

One thing: Play

31 July 2015|0 Comments

We need to play more. That's a fact. When we were young, we were encouraged to play: "go and play", our parents told us, we were given toys, we were obliged to play sports at [...]

One thing: Enough

12 July 2015|0 Comments

'Enough' is a lie. You heard me. It's (mostly) used as a made up, judgmental, demanding, demeaning lie that we tell ourselves, to stay small. To stay safe. You know, that time you didn't feel [...]

One thing: Ritual

14 June 2015|0 Comments

Variety might be the spice of life, but there is something deeply comforting in ritual. It might be the way you have your morning cup of coffee in the garden, gently easing yourself into the [...]

One thing: Kindness

7 June 2015|0 Comments

We all know that kindness is good. You don’t need me to tell you that. But sometimes I think we underestimate those small acts that can make a huge difference. You don’t have to go [...]

One thing: Struggle

23 May 2015|0 Comments

We all struggle. Life is a struggle, right from the moment we arrive in the world, screaming for breath and survival. Hopefully, you've stopped screaming now. I joke, but in some ways we do continue [...]

Guest post: One thing – Happiness

14 May 2015|0 Comments

Lots of you wonderful people get in touch to tell me how a daily nudge helped them, or how they're forging their own path to a fulfilling and full life. I can't tell you how [...]

One thing: Belonging

10 May 2015|0 Comments

Have you ever felt like an imposter in your own life? That nagging sense of doubt that you belong? Uneasiness in a group that you’re not ‘one of us’? A feeling in the pit of [...]

One thing: Potential

30 April 2015|0 Comments

The thing about each of us is that, whether we choose to recognize it or not, we are full of potential. In that respect, we are all born equal. But what sets one person apart [...]

One thing: Arrival

21 April 2015|0 Comments

By and large, the word ‘arrival’ conjures up heartwarming images. New babies, joyful airport reunions, home, discovering new places, anticipation and contentment. So it’s surprising that we don’t often consciously bring this concept into our [...]

One thing: Compassion

29 March 2015|0 Comments

I want to tell you about something that has changed my life. Not in a big, wow-kapow-boom kind of way, but in a gently transformational way. A way that takes shape and keeps on growing, like [...]

Introducing guest nudger, Liz Goodchild!

8 March 2015|0 Comments

One of Only Do One Thing’s biggest supporters also just happens to be one of my favourite people. Liz Goodchild is a life coach who helps people who are feeling stuck in life get unstuck. [...]

One thing: Endings

5 March 2015|0 Comments

Endings rarely are happy, are they? Instead, they often evoke feelings of loss, fear and even sadness. But if endings are part and parcel of life, why don't they get any easier? Well, endings draw things [...]

ProjectLoveYou: A February Challenge

1 February 2015|0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how different life would be, if you loved yourself wholeheartedly, determinedly, like your life depends on it? No? Then try it now. Let me help. Consider a life that is richer, [...]

One thing: Energy

11 January 2015|0 Comments

This time of year we can feel low on energy, which is why it's more important than ever to be conscious of where we're applying it. Imagine your energy - however much of it you [...]

One thing: Reflection

28 December 2014|0 Comments

We're nearly at the end of a year and it's a natural time for reflection. What was happening in your world a year ago? What has happened since? Assuming you're a human and not a [...]

One thing: Generosity

21 December 2014|0 Comments

'Tis the season for giving. So, how generous are you feeling? Or to put it another way, what are you prepared to give, that you can't be sure you'll get back in any form? It's [...]

One thing: Gratitude

14 December 2014|0 Comments

You don't need me to tell you to be grateful. I'm not your mum. But I am going to share a short story about gratitude and how it has transformed me. Like many people, I have [...]

One thing: Choice

7 December 2014|0 Comments

Let's get something straight right now: there is always choice. The problem, perhaps, lies not with choice—but in what we do with it. And often, we squander it. "I have no choice', we say, when actually we [...]

One thing: Small steps

30 November 2014|0 Comments

This week's bite-sized piece of food for thought comes from life coach Liz Goodchild. She helps people who feel stuck get unstuck and make the changes in life they need to make. You can read more [...]

One thing: Stillness

23 November 2014|0 Comments

There's a way to do magic. There's a way to stretch time, to make it go in slow motion or even suspend it: it's stillness. Stillness seems so obvious, yet it's rarely experienced, or noticed. [...]

One thing: Permission

16 November 2014|0 Comments

In some ways, we spend our whole lives seeking permission to do stuff. From raising a hand to speak in the classroom to the sign-off and approval processes of professional life, awaiting that nod, ticked box or [...]

One thing: Joy

13 November 2014|0 Comments

When did you last feel joy? OK, if you have to think about it, we need to have a talk. Thing is, joy is very, very democratic. We can all have it. "Oh,' I hear [...]

Don’t repeat to fade

13 November 2014|0 Comments

I like a song with a proper ending. And that's why I like Sam Cooke so very much. Every song has a proper ending; some sort of flourish or exhortation or just a simple note. [...]

One thing: Laughter

13 November 2014|0 Comments

Laughing is close to breathing, in the stayin' alive stakes. That's why it's worth seeking out. Because the thing is, there's humour to be found in most things in life (take it from me, a fully-fledged [...]