July 2016

One thing: Over, but not out

2017-05-19T08:09:40+00:00 24 July 2016|Blog|

Dear all, Today's daily nudge was the last one of its kind. After nearly two years and over 500 nudges, I have decided that it's time for me to rest, divert my energy to the more personal and immediate challenge of dealing with and healing from breast cancer and ultimately, to hand over the task [...]

May 2016

One thing: Patience

2016-05-15T13:35:56+00:00 15 May 2016|Blog|

Some of you might be wondering what happened to your daily nudges this week. I'm sorry not to have explained the brief hiatus before now. The truth is, a week ago I was diagnosed with cancer and this has forced me to stop, take stock, and—painfully—admit that I can't do it all. Don't worry, though. I have [...]

February 2016

One Thing: Completeness

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 14 February 2016|Blog, Relationships, Self|

Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire, when Jerry declares his love for Dorothy? "You complete me," he declares. That scene is beloved my many, but I've always struggled with it. Why? It's the idea that someone else can make a person complete that I find hard to accept; the idea that one's completeness is in someone else's [...]

One Thing: Noticing

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 7 February 2016|Blog, Clarity, Mindfulness, Self|

We’re probably all aware of that boiling frog analogy. The one that says if slowly boil a frog (gross), the frog is mainly screwed because it kind of doesn’t notice—the normality of its environment is only changing gradually, until boom! It’s one hot, dead frog. But, the analogy goes, compare that with dropping a frog [...]

January 2016

One thing: Tidying

2016-01-22T17:54:22+00:00 24 January 2016|Blog, Clarity|

2016: the year we all gleefully arranged our sock drawers like bento boxes, then sat back, waiting for life to get better. Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying has become an international bestseller, inspiring people to get their shit together and get tidy and ordered; so much so, that 'marikondo' has now made its [...]

OneThing: Starting

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 18 January 2016|Blog, Bravery, Self, Success|

How lucky are we to have a guest post from life coach Liz Goodchild? If you need a bit of fire in your belly, look no further. You know that thing you want so much for yourself, for your life? The weight you want to lose or gain, or the new career, or the telling [...]

One thing: Decisions

2016-01-10T10:43:15+00:00 10 January 2016|Blog, Bravery, Clarity, Self|

We make billions of decisions in a lifetime, from the seemingly insignificant (which sandwich? coat or not?) to the monumental (getting married, taking that job, buying that house). It follows that we probably spend a good chunk of of our lives in the state of decision-making. The thing is, though, there's a sense that once we've decided, [...]

December 2015

Newsflash: I’ve changed my mind

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 31 December 2015|Blog|

Look, I'm not sure how to say this. But let's try the following: Last month, I announced that Only Do One Thing's daily nudges will cease as of, well, today, while I work on the Only Do One Thing book. But having reflected all month on the impending end of a year-long project, I've realised [...]

Read this…

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 14 December 2015|Blog, Guest nudge, Nudge|

Today's nudge is not a nudge but a story about nudges from the kind, brave and wise Geraldine Coleman. Thanks Geraldine x Some nudges just speak to you... I have been faithfully following Only Do One Things since it started back in November last year. Yes, I admit that some of my versions of nudges [...]

November 2015

Two Things: An Announcement and a Treat

2017-05-19T08:09:41+00:00 30 November 2015|Blog|

This month, Only Do One Thing turned one year old. It's been quite the ride. What started as a personal writing project has become a gradually life-changing force that encouraged me to commit, to listen, to think differently and to be bold. That's way more than I ever bargained for. While I thought up, tried for size and [...]