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24.07. 2016

Nudge yourself.

24 July 2016|0 Comments

What do you need to tell yourself, or remind yourself or give permission to yourself to do? Be your own best friend. Go ahead and do it. Regularly. Make notes, write yourself letters, have conversations [...]

23.07. 2016

Do a brave thing.

23 July 2016|0 Comments

Shooing a spider outside, touching cotton wool, wrestling a croc, eating a vindaloo. Whatever's brave in your book. Take a deep breath, trust yourself, go!

22.07. 2016

Plan your Olympics Opening Ceremony party.

22 July 2016|0 Comments

Hint: It's at midnight UK time, Friday 5 August.

21.07. 2016

Trust your intuition.

21 July 2016|0 Comments

19.07. 2016

Salute the sun!

19 July 2016|0 Comments

18.07. 2016

Invite someone to share a meal with you.

18 July 2016|0 Comments

16.07. 2016

Find a good tree and hang out with it for a bit.

16 July 2016|0 Comments

Hint: pretty much any tree is a good tree.

15.07. 2016

Get your kitsch on.

15 July 2016|0 Comments

Drink this! Read this! (spoiler alert: gnomes and sad news) Eat this!        

14.07. 2016
13.07. 2016

Ask for what you need.

13 July 2016|0 Comments

12.07. 2016

Have a little TED talk timeout. Check below for some of our picks.

12 July 2016|0 Comments

Lidia Yuknavitch on the beauty of being a misfit How to hear the stars How it feels, metre by metre, to freedive The power of 'thank you' - in just 3 minutes  

11.07. 2016

Alright, stop, collaborate and listen.

11 July 2016|0 Comments

10.07. 2016
8.07. 2016

Get your yee-haw on and listen to some Country and Western

8 July 2016|0 Comments

Stetsons and double denim optional. No, scratch that. They're mandatory.

6.07. 2016

Eat the most colourful food you can

6 July 2016|0 Comments

(make it natural if you want to feel great, though)

6.07. 2016

Set your intention for the day…

6 July 2016|0 Comments

Try this: "Today I will be/do/accept/release/give/share ....... This is my intention."

5.07. 2016

Send a postcard.

5 July 2016|0 Comments

4.07. 2016

Do a thing you usually do, slowly.

4 July 2016|0 Comments

Brushing your teeth, making coffee, walking to work, kissing someone you love... give it the gift of time.